Essential Oil

Made of 100% extracting natural oil from various of plants that can help elevate mood and release stress. By smelling or applying them on skin can also aid occasional insomnia and may help you fall and stay asleep. Our essential oil has unique scent mixed of Camphor, Borneo, Menthol and other flower essential oil resulting in signature scent that can also use as daily fragrance.

Thai Massage Oil
Enhances your massage oil session with the unique scents of 100% natural essential oil combining with Thai herbal extracts that can help aid and release negative tension and emotion and also brighten, smooth, and moisturize the appearance of skin in a way that leaves you feel perfectly pampered.
Herbal Balm
Deep warming and soothing balm with natural Thai herbal extracts. Made of 100% Camphor, Borneo, Menthol and other Thai herbs and dried flowers that give the unique Thai scent. Efficient to soothe insect bites and relieves achy muscles, joints, stimulate the circulation of the blood and reduce nausea. Give you a soothing for clearing your stress mind.
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