is a leading cosmetics manufacturer specialized in research, development, and manufacturing cosmetics and skincare products made from Thai herbs and other natural ingredients. We provide our clients unique and high quality Thai herbal ingredients for their products. 
We offer an extensive range of products for different purposes: personal care, cosmetics, spa, salon, oral hygiene, baby care, specialized treatments, including car and household cleaning solutions.

We are constantly creating and developing new formulas. Our formulator and analytical team have more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing natural, herbal cosmetics and skincare products. We ally with a local company that produces Thai herbal extracts, and we supply other raw materials from world class suppliers only. This enables us to provide our clients with high quality of 100% Thai herbal and natural based formulas that add significant values to their offerings.

An extensive depth of knowledge in research and development, the performance based premium formulas, and our adaptability help us custom-make anything our clients need.


We have professionals who are specialized in herbal ingredients for more than 20 years to produce cosmetics approved by FDA standards.
We produce cold-relief balm, ointment, borneol water, or other Thai herbal inhalers, including aroma oils.
We produce a variety of chemicals for household and automobile usages by a professional.
We provide a one-stop service. We can facilitate packaging, registering with FDA, package design, and label and logo designing.
We do tailor-made research and development specifically for each client by using only cost-effective and safe ingredients. We also provide help, support, and suggestion.
Contact us today to get some useful, friendly advice on how to produce and the right formulas for your product in order to serve your target customers.
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